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Pennsylvania Child Abuse & Criminal History Clearance Information

(Please Notify Us of any broken links or incorrect instruction steps.)

Required Pennsylvania Clearances - Directions for Volunteers

Volunteers 18 years and older are required to obtain Pennsylvania Clearances. Please see the Clearance Application Directions for Volunteers page.

NOTE: If you have lived outside of Pennsylvania at any time within the past 10 years, then, even as a volunteer, you must apply for the Federal (FBI) Criminal History Report. College and military service count if you lived outside Pennsylvania.

Otherwise, as a Day Camp volunteer, you are not required to apply for the Federal (FBI) Criminal History Report. Please print and sign this Day Camp Volunteer Affirmation form and submit it along with your other clearance forms.

Required Pennsylvania Clearances - Directions for Paid Staff

All Staff personnel, except Summer Support Staff, are required to obtain and show current Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse Clearance, and Federal (FBI Fingerprint) Criminal History Report clearances prior to the start of staff training week.

If you do not already have current clearances, you may use the links below to apply for them. Apply for your Criminal Background Check first, then your Child Abuse History Clearance, then your Federal (FBI Fingerprint) Criminal History Report. Apply and pay for these clearances online, then visit an approved fingerprint site.

Pennsylvania Deptment of Human Services Website  - Child Abuse History Clearance Instructions.

To complete the Child Abuse Clearance application, you will need:
  • A valid working Email address;
  • The addresses of everywhere you have lived since 1975;
  • The full name, relationship, gender, & current age of everyone (parents, siblings, children, etc.) you have lived with since 1975;
  • All of your previous names / maiden names / nicknames.


Online Criminal History Record Check Website  - You can apply online for your Criminal History Record Check; Requires credit card to pay the $22 fee; Usually receive response while you are online.
  • Click on "Submit a New Record Check"
  • Read and click to "accept" the Terms and Conditions for the use of PATCH
  • Select "Individual Request" and click "Continue"
  • Complete the Personal Information Page
    • Reason for Request: Employment
    • Enter YOUR full name & current address
    • Click "next"
  • Review Personal Information and verify the information by clicking "proceed"
  • Complete the Record Check Request Form fields and click on "enter this request"
  • A 2nd RCRF screen comes up, don't fill it in - just click "finished" at bottom of page
  • Record Check Request Review - Review and click on "submit"
  • Fill in the Credit Card Information screen, then click on "Next"
  • You should receive your results within several minutes
  • Once the search results page appears, click on the Control Number to open the details page
  • Click on "Certification Form" (Then "OK" in Print Instructions pop-up window) to access your official clearance document
  • "Print" a copy and bring it to the church for their records
  • "Save" a PDF copy of your Criminal Record Check Response to your computer

> > >     or     < < <

Request for Criminal History Record Check Form SP 4-164  - Download, complete, print, & mail form back to the Pennsylvania State Police.
  • Select "Individual/NonCriminal Justice Agency" $22 fee block.
  • Select Employment block (only) as your Reason for Request.
  • Enclose $22 money order with completed Request for Criminal Record Check form.
  • Mail to the address on the form.


Online Child Abuse History Clearance Website  - Can apply online for your Child Abuse History Clearance; Requires credit card to pay the $8 fee; Usually must login again on the next day to receive your response.
  • "Create Individual Account" - you will need:
    • An email address;
    • A 6 - 10 character username;
    • A password; minimum length 8 characters; must include at least one character of each - upper case letter, lower case letter, numeric digit, special character
  • Follow the prompts to create a PA Keystone ID. A temporary password will be sent to your Email
  • Login using your temporary password, follow the prompts for creating your new password
  • Login again using your new password:
    • Click "Individual Login"
    • Click "Access My Clearances"
    • Login
    • Click "Create Clearance Application"
  • Read through and click "Begin" at the bottom of the page
    • Application Purpose: Individual 14 years of age or older applying for or holding a paid position as an employee with a program, activity, or service
    • Agency Name: Day Camp at Plum Creek
  • Enter in your name, birthday, gender, "yes" for Social Security Number, email address
  • Complete the remaining sheets by clicking on the "+" to add an entry, complete the fields in the pop-up window, click "Add"
  • Click on "next" at the bottom of each page
  • When you click "next" on the "Household Members" page, you may see a "Relationship Not Entered" pop-up window. One reason may be that you did not enter any 'parent' household members. If you have not lived with your parent(s) since 1975, then click "Continue Anyways"
  • Proceed through Review Application Summary, eSignature, Application Payment ("No" code provided by organization), and finally "Submit Application"
  • Within minutes you will receive an Email notification that your application was received. Within 14 days you will receive an Email notification that your application has been processed
  • Login again to print your clearance document

> > >     or     < < <

Child Abuse History Clearance Form CY 113  - Download, print, complete, & mail form back to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.
  • Purpose of Certification: An individual 14 years of age or older applying for or holding a paid position as an employee with a program, activity, or service.
  • Enclose $8 money order, a copy of your Response for Criminal Record Check form, & completed Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance form.
  • Mail to the address on the form.


Online Federal (FBI Fingerprint) Criminal History Report Website  - You must register online for your FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Record Check; Payment of the $22.60 fee is made at the IdentoGO Service Center by business check, money order, or credit/debit card. The Day Camp does not have a payment Authorization Code for your use.
  • Service Code 1KG756 - Employee 14 years of age and older with a significant likelihood of regular contact with children
  • Enter Service Code and click on "GO" -or- click on Service Code link above.
  • You may view the "What do I need to bring to enrollment?" and "Locate an Enrollment Center" links for your own information. Part of the process of scheduling an appointment includes selecting an enrollment center, scheduling an appointment, and selecting / viewing what documents you need.
  • Click on "Schedule or Manage Appointment"
  • Fill out the first page and click on "Next"
  • Employer Information seems to be optional. Use The Day Camp at Plum Creek if you want to enter this information. Keep clicking on "Next" to continue.
  • You will be required to Pay the $22.60 fee at the IdentoGO Service Center by business check, money order, or credit/debit card.
  • Once registered online, print your appointment information. You will need to bring this receipt and your photo id to the IdentoGO Enrollment Center.

IdentoGO Enrollment Centers - Currently, the two closest enrollment centers are 1) Justifacts Credential Verification Inc, 5250 Logan Ferry Rd, Murrysville PA 15668 (near the Dairy Queen on Rt 286 near Holiday Park), and 2) Contingent Workforce Staffing, 1315 Pittsburgh St, Cheswick, PA 15024.


Please complete the free online Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse course.
Plan on 3 hours, which may extend over several sessions, to complete this course.

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